Monday, 17 September 2012

How to go Thrifting (book edition)

Without a doubt, we all love new books. Just going to the bookstore and buying a brand new book with a shiny cover, and pages that smell nice. It's heaven! Personally, I love it and if I could live in a book store I would. It's my favourite hobby (buying/reading books) but it's a very expensive hobby. I'm sure that a lot of my fellow book nerds would agree, especially the ones in Canada (like me). We can't always afford to buy 3 hardcover books all over $22 dollars. Don't you wish you could buy good books for a lot cheaper than their regular price? of course you do! I'm sure a lot of people already know that you can buy used books, but where? Some people buy them at garage sales, or library book sales. Well little did you know that Value Village and Salvation army have books too. Okay so thrifting is a term I use to say that i'm buying used clothes from Value Village, or places like it. I do thrift a lot because you can find really good stuff if you look hard enough. It's the same with books. So the other day I went to value village with a couple of friends I bought my Halloween costume (they have good ones there and you are never too old to dress up for Halloween) and I looked through the sweaters because I love sweaters. (me any my friends have an inside joke about sweaters so we buy one every time we go together) Anyway back to the point! Value Village has a massive amount of books, and I found quite a few very good books in amazing condition, and for very cheap compared to the regular prices.

These are the books that I found there. Amazing right? The lady at the cash register even told me: "Woa you found The Night Circus here? That's a really rare find" and I completely agree with her. It's an amazing find. The original price for The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern here in Canada is $32. No way would I spend that much for a book. The softcover is $20 dollars too... Way too much. But this book right here? Only $4. Yep! I got The Night Circus in hardcover in amazing condition for only $4. Graceling was the same price. I was jumping up and down and squealing with joy when I found The Night Circus. After I left the store, I told myself that I will come back here often to look for books, because I know that there are some good books hiding on the shelves. Save your money, and try your hand at thrifting! I'm sure you will come back with some great books

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