Monday, 12 November 2012

November Book Haul! Hardcover love (6 books)

Hardcover Love! 

Probably one of the best book hauls!
I've been wanting to get the three Rick Riordan books for awhile now. I read The Lost Hero when it first came out, but I never bought it. When I went down to the States, I went to a local Half Price Books, and found The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, and The Fault in our Stars for really cheap! They were about $15 each.  thought that this was an amazing deal, so I bought them! (The Lost Hero was a gift from my friend)

I have been wanting to buy the Diviners for so long, that i freaked out when I bought it.

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of The Diviners;
with cover

without cover

without cover

I cannot wait to dive right into this massive book.

Here is a list of the books:
The Lost Hero by: Rick Riordan
The Son of Neptune by: Rick Riordan
The Mark of Athena by: Rick Riordan
The Fault in Our Stars by: John Green
The Diviners by: Libba Bray
The Notebook by: Nicholas Sparks

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