Sunday, 19 August 2012

Book Review: Vanished (When Lightning Strikes + Codename Cassandra) by: Meg Cabot

My Rating: ★★★★
Date Published: June 28th, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 560
Do I own it?: Yes

Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads)

A gift…or a curse?

Jessica Mastriani has never liked attention. All she wants is to make it to high school graduation like any ordinary girl. But when Jess is struck by lightning, she becomes anything but ordinary: suddenly she has the ability to locate missing children.
Now Jess is getting noticed in all the wrong ways and by all the wrong people. The media is obsessed with her and her story. The FBI is tapping her phone. And what’s going on with sexy senior Rob? Soon Jess learns the hard way that not everyone who is lost wants to be found….

With no one to trust, it's up to Jess to decide what to do with her new power—before it’s decided for her.


Both books were good, but they weren't amazing. First, there were a lot of grammar errors, like words that weren't spelled right. It was quite frequent, that it bothered me a lot. Second, there were some parts of the book that I found were stressful. That is why I come to the conclusion that this is not a book that I would enjoy reading a second time. I will however say that after reading the book, it makes me want to read the second one. I will most likely buy it later. The second Vanished bind-up is not at the top of my to-buy list.

Apart from that, I did enjoy this book. I thought that the idea for the book was quite original. I also liked the fact that the romance in this book was not the main focus. The novel was serious at some times, but it did have quite a bit of humour and sarcasm which I liked. Also, the ending wasn't a cliffhanger. It was the sort of ending that was cute, and funny. The kind of ending that you can end a series with. This is the first Meg Cabot book that I have read, and I am thoroughly impressed with her work. I really enjoyed the fact that Jessica was sarcastic, had a sense of humour, but was also serious when she needed to be. I will definitely be reading more of Meg Cabot's work, in the near future.

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